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AI-powered content repurposing: optimizing blog roundups and skyscraper posts

In the antique days, humans had to become aware of sources, summarize the paintings and search for common which means. Today, robots do the heavy lifting and you, the human, are left to do the creative work of prompting and deciphering the output for the relaxation folks.

My tagline for the foreseeable future is:

“I’m human. I’m helpful. Some of this is AI, and that’s OK.”
This article explores how you could leverage AI gear to streamline the manner of creating blog roundups and skyscraper posts – two powerful content codecs that, finished well, can earn prominent positions in seek consequences pages and drive site visitors.

We’ll additionally dive into:

The idea of the “AI sandwich” which combines human knowledge with the strength of AI to produce straightforward, beneficial content.
A range of AI equipment specifically designed for content advent, photo era and video production to include into your workflow.

What are blog roundups and skyscraper posts?
Simply placed, a roundup article is a blog put up or article that includes multiple different sources to shape the thing’s content. The contributing content is generally on a fixed topic or subject matter.

Traditionally, the roundup put up can be built on direct contributions from enterprise experts or can be made up of content repurposed from existing articles.

LinkedIn has long past thus far as to institutionalize this through Collaborative articles.

LinkedIn selectively invites experts to make a contribution to their articles based totally on their professional background, talent proficiency and engagement at the platform.

From a user attitude, a roundup weblog publish brings together a couple of professional perspectives of a subject.

From an search engine optimization or marketing attitude, roundup posts align the writer with each the subject of the item and the participants.

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