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How Ad Campaigns Can Use Amazon Attribution

Every Amazon dealer knows how hard it is to music and measure the effect of external marketing channels on income. It doesn’t matter how you are using clicks for your Amazon web page; as soon as consumers land at the internet site, it’s all people’s bet what occurs.

Thankfully, that’s not the case anymore. Amazon Attribution makes it viable for certain dealers to music what happens to each person they send to the platform. In this submit, I’ll provide an explanation for the whole lot you want to recognise about Amazon Attribution, inclusive of:

Who can use Amazon Attribution
The benefits of the use of Amazon Attribution
How to set up Amazon Attribution
What you may music the use of Amazon Attribution
Essential lessons to power your Amazon Attribution method
What Is Amazon Attribution?

Amazon Attribution is a device that helps you to song, characteristic, and optimize your non-Amazon marketing campaigns, so you can develop your Amazon enterprise.

Specifically, the device gives analytics perception into how non-Amazon advertising channels like search, social media, show, PPC, and e-mail advertising and marketing effect income on Amazon. It also can song visitors despatched to a unique website that in the long run converts on Amazon.

Access to Amazon Attribution is available through both the platform’s self-provider console or via tools that already combine with the Amazon Advertising API.

What Does Amazon Attribution Cost?
Amazon Attribution is to be had without spending a dime, that’s top notch news for e-trade proprietors.

Who Can Use Amazon Attribution?
Amazon Attribution is currently best to be had to sellers enrolled in Amazon Brand Registry, companies, KDP authors, and corporations which have customers who promote products on Amazon. Users must be primarily based in one of the following nations:

The Netherlands

What Can You Track Using Amazon Attribution?
Amazon Attribution lets you track more than a few metrics that can effect e-commerce income, together with:

Detailed page perspectives
Purchase charge
Add to cart
Total income
How Does Amazon Attribution Work?
Amazon Attribution makes use of parameterized URLs—essentially a tracking URL. When customers click on at the link and go to your keep, Amazon can music precisely what they do.

It’s a piece like a combination of Facebook’s Pixel and Google Analytics. Everything users do once they click on on your ad is tracked, and you may see all of it in an smooth-to-use dashboard.

What Can’t Amazon Attribution Do?
The simplest trouble with Amazon Attribution is that you can’t ship data lower back to ad channels. And which means you can’t use Amazon Attribution for retargeting purposes. This is different from the Facebook Pixel, which helps you to use statistics collected via Meta to retarget human beings in new campaigns.

Unfortunately, Amazon doesn’t such as you taking customers far from its platform. It additionally means you may’t use facts from Amazon Attribution to fuel the automated optimization capabilities on Google and Facebook Ads.

Four Amazon Attribution Features You’ll Want to Try
Amazon Attribution isn’t just a URL monitoring device. It has several functions marketers will need to leverage.

1. Full-Funnel Amazon Analytics
Amazon Attribution considerably will increase the range of income funnel information manufacturers have access to. You’re no longer just confined to conversion records. Instead, Amazon lifts the curtain on how consumers have interaction together with your product on their platform, providing metrics like clicks, specified web page perspectives, and the way generally clients add your product to their basket.

2. On-Demand Amazon Conversion Metrics
You can see marketing campaign overall performance as and when it occurs. Real-time reporting means marketers can optimize their marketing campaigns quicker than ever before.

3. Customer Insights
Because of the wealth of metrics Amazon Attributes affords, marketers can apprehend how the users they send to their keep behave when they get there. Do they add the product to their basket as quickly as they land on a web page? Do they discover a unique product they pick? Do they not buy some thing in any respect? Amazon Attribution lets you answer all the ones questions and extra.

Four. Separate Tracking for Each Advertising Channel
Amazon Attribution shall we marketers create specific tags for each marketing channel. Facebook Ads, Google Ads, blog posts, social media posts, it doesn’t matter. You can make hundreds of tags so that you always get granular element on the overall performance of every channel.

Why Is Amazon Attribution Such a Big Deal?
It’s no longer an overstatement to say Amazon Attribution ought to turn out to be a transformational tool for dealers and vendors. Before the device changed into created, monitoring off-Amazon advertising campaigns was an absolute nightmare.

There become really no way to differentiate traffic from separate advertising channels. It was all dumped collectively.

Let’s say you made 500 sales, and you recognize that your very own Amazon ads generated 100 of them. That leaves four hundred income that would have come from any advertising and marketing channel or maybe through an natural Amazon list.

Do you notice what a trouble that is for marketers searching for the high-quality channel? There’s no way they are able to inform.

Amazon Attribution adjustments the whole thing absolutely. Now marketers and brands can see exactly wherein each sale comes from, and that comes with a bunch of advantages.

4 Benefits of Using Amazon Attribution
“Why use Amazon Attribution inside the first place?” I pay attention a number of you ask. There are several motives eligible manufacturers must begin using Amazon Attribution without delay. Here are my top 3.

1. It Gives You Full-Funnel Analytics
If you run a couple of advertising and marketing campaigns, maintaining track of the entirety in a single location is vital. That’s what Amazon Attribution offers you in the shape of complete-funnel attribution. You can measure the effect of all of your campaigns, how they have interaction with every different, and the quantity to which they drive traffic to Amazon. Amazon Attribution covers all widespread site visitors metrics (impressions and clicks), however additionally Amazon-related metrics consisting of Add to Cart Clicks and purchases.

2. It Identifies the Most Valuable Marketing Channels
It’s now not constantly easy to calculate the ROI of your non-Amazon advertising and marketing efforts, especially in case you use a couple of channels. Amazon Attribution allows sellers to see precisely which advertising efforts power the maximum sales and offer the highest ROI. With a clear picture of what’s operating and what’s now not, shop proprietors can awareness on their most worthwhile channels.

3. It Optimizes Existing Campaigns
Amazon Attribution helps you to understand how users engage along with your store and the wider Amazon environment. If traffic from one demographic converts better than others, you can optimize your existing campaigns to force greater customers that do convert and less of those that don’t. Without Amazon Attribution outlets have no manner of understanding which campaigns are using the maximum site visitors to their shop and no manner of knowing which campaigns they need to scale or optimize to improve their ROI.

4. It Can Drive More Sales
Some sellers might also discover the concept of sending outside traffic to Amazon peculiar, however it’s becoming more and more essential. Amazon is becoming an increasing number of dominant in e-commerce. At the equal time, the rate of backed advertisements on the platform continues to upward thrust.

Why Drive Traffic to Amazon within the First Place?
When you apprehend which advertising channels are best and the way clients engage with your products on Amazon, you can start to make actual, information-subsidized decisions. The type of decisions that will help you promote more on Amazon. For some, that would be investing more in a particular advertising channel. For others, it can be adjusting the rate of their merchandise.

What’s greater, new sellers are signing up to Amazon each day. In 2020, for instance, Amazon reviews that 2 hundred,000 new 1/3-celebration sellers joined the internet site, a forty five percent increase from the preceding year. With so much competition, external traffic may be a crucial lifeline to assist dealers survive.

Reduce Amazon Advertising Costs
External visitors enables you dodge the competition for listings on Amazon and force site visitors immediately in your storefront. There’s no want to pay for backed commercials on Amazon whilst you pressure site visitors without delay for your products.

Boost Your Seller Rank
External traffic can severely growth the wide variety of income your shop makes. This may have a large impact for your standard income. Sales pace is one of the ranking elements Amazon makes use of in its A9 algorithm, so the extra income you’re making, the higher your merchandise will rank in the future.

Better Understand Your Amazon Customers
The insights from Amazon Attribution allow you to analyze more approximately your clients than ever earlier than. You may also discover that one product doesn’t convert in addition to you concept it did, for example. Or that customers choose one product over every other.

You won’t just be improving your Amazon save’s performance, either. These sorts of insights can improve your business outside of the Amazon platform, too.

Increase Brand Awareness
Do you just want to be known as a emblem within the Amazon atmosphere? Or do you want to create the sort of logo that human beings apprehend anywhere? By developing off-platform campaigns, you could drastically boom brand focus. This can make it more likely for clients to select your products whilst surfing Amazon as a end result.

How to Set Up Amazon Attribution
The first step to getting began with Amazon Attribution is filling out a signup form and logging in for your account.

Once your account has been permitted and set up, you could begin matching merchandise to the campaigns you’re tracking:

Create a tag by way of clicking on the relevant advertiser’s call.
Click “New order.”
Select the “Set up an order” parameter.
Choose the product you need to link to by searching for your merchandise and clicking “Add.”
Give a name and outside ID for your attribution tag. I advise being as apparent as viable together with your call, so you recognize which hyperlink is which (Don’t overlook you’ll have a separate tag for every of your merchandise).
Choose in which you’re going to region this hyperlink: Facebook, AdWords, etc.
The clickthrough URL is the URL of your product. Find your product on Amazon, copy the URL, and paste it here.
Click “Create,” and also you’re achieved. You can now replica the Amazon Attribution tag and start the use of it inside the wild.
Alternatives to Amazon Attribution
Amazon Attribution is an remarkable device, however unluckily, it’s not available to all and sundry who sells on the platform. Luckily, there are numerous alternatives you can use instead.

Amazon Associates Tracking

Amazon Associates tracking links have been the most famous way to song outside traffic to the store platform earlier than Amazon Attribution. With Associates monitoring hyperlinks, you receives a commission a fee whenever a patron converts.

Unfortunately, this monitoring solution is nowhere close to as in-depth as Amazon Attribution. You’ll only be able to see which gadgets customers sold, no longer their behavior at the web site before conversion. Plus, Amazon Associates simplest get one tag. That method it is able to be difficult to differentiate among visitors sources.


Pixelfy.Me is a URL shortener and tracker constructed especially for Amazon sellers. You can create and tune each kind of Amazon hyperlink, along with Supreme, Brand, Canonical, Store Front, Add-to-Cart URLs, and plenty of extra.

Pixelfy.Me can song almost the whole lot apart from conversions. While that’s no longer as comprehensive as Amazon Attribution, Pixelfy.Me does permit you to pixel customers to retarget them in the destiny.

Amazon Super URL Tool
The Amazon Super URL Tool is part of the AMZ Tracker suite of gear. It does now not provide sellers more perception into the way customers keep their keep, however it can considerably improve the best of inbound site visitors and boost sales as a result.

The platform’s special URL shortener makes Amazon consider site visitors have looked for specific keywords on Amazon as opposed to going directly to the listing. Amazon need to rank your products higher for these key phrases, as a result, which can cause more income.

Essential Lessons to Power Your Amazon Attribution Strategy
Once you’ve were given the hang of Amazon Attribution, use the subsequent classes to take your attribution strategy to the following stage.

1. Non-Amazon Campaigns Could Be the Bulk of Your Sales
Do you already know what number of customers truely make a purchase when they go to your Amazon storefront? If you’re just like the common seller, it’s approximately 9 percentage. What about the average click-through charge of Amazon ads? It’s less than one percentage.

That way few human beings are displaying up at your digital storefront and shopping for something on their first go to. Instead, they possibly drop via, do some poking around, check out a few on line opinions, explore your product variety, do a little extra virtual window shopping, and then leave.

Maybe they return in their personal volition, however they’re more likely to make a buy when you supplement your Amazon advertising campaigns with off-platform techniques, together with search engine optimization, PPC ads, and social media advertising.

Take outside logo Activ Life as an instance. Not happy with going for walks Amazon Ads, it advertises on Google Shopping and directs customers to its Amazon storefront.

When you run off-platform campaigns, you don’t want to close customers the first time. Each interplay a customer has with your advertising leads them only a little toward the sale. Each interaction assists within the eventual conversion. The bulk of your income come from those assisted conversions, so you’d fine be monitoring them and giving at the least a few credit to every one so you genuinely recognize your customer behavior and the way you ought to be advertising to them.

I’ll say it again: assisted conversions are the bulk of your income. Your version desires to recognize that.

2. There is No Ideal Attribution Model
It’s critical to remember the fact that Amazon Attribution isn’t best—no attribution version is.

Amazon Attribution covers a huge range of closing-contact KPIs, like the following:

Page perspectives
Adds to cart
Units bought
Product sales
But it can’t ship facts again to advert channels or help you with retargeting. It also most effective tracks a consumer’s ultimate contact. That approach you may be missing essential records similarly up the funnel.

With that during mind, you can want to investigate developing a custom attribution model.

Your custom model has to reflect your customers and your enterprise. You need to recall the conduct that’s essential on your goals, and the “tender” conversions (signing up for the publication, inquiring for a customer rep contact them, and so on) that in the long run carry price because they bring about income…no matter how some distance down the road.

What are your pinnacle conversion paths and top assisted conversions? That tells you what your clients are doing. Are you using the ones to their complete ability? Are you throwing cash away on channels that don’t make an appearance in those reports?

Customers seek, do not forget, and purchase in distinctive methods. Make a model that works for them and for you.

3. You Need to Rely on Data
There’s no room in attribution modeling for blind guesses. Your efforts need to be guided through hard records always and in all things.

Rely on Amazon Attribution or your custom attribution version to accumulate the facts you need. Set up desires and funnels. Turn to the reports to inform your selections.

You ought to be tracking all your efforts as accurately as viable to assure solid statistics and perception.

Use car-tagging options in Adwords, Bing Ads, and DoubleClick.
Use UTM parameters for social campaigns.
If you’re spending time, power, or money on some thing, you ought to be accumulating information on it. Far too many e-trade outlets don’t actively check and use their analytics. Don’t fall into that organization.

The extra facts you accumulate, crunch, and consider, the more correct your selections, and the higher your expertise of the conversion paths your clients are honestly taking to the (virtual) checkout counter.

4. LTV Should be Factored In
Do you need to make one sale and be finished with it? Or would you opt for clients go back again and again? Let’s assume the solution is obvious (due to the fact it’s far).

Consequently, you need to bear in mind the lifetime value (LTV) of each patron. Far too often, even though, we supply little to no idea to the ones returning clients and the fee they carry with them.

So study the visitors in your entire funnel, in particular on the top. Chances are, you’ll discover a proper chunk of those returning customers are coming thru direct, social media, or email.

It’s cheaper to keep a customer than it’s miles to accumulate a brand new one. So you’d higher make sure you’re spotting the trails that are bringing them returned for your attribution version, and that they should carry greater weight than those who deliver within the new people.

5. Campaign Tracking is a Must
Remember that well-known announcing: she or he who tracks, survives. Or words to that impact.

We’ve already mentioned how important records is to, properly, the entirety. To preserve a constant supply of that wealthy, zesty information flowing, you need to track your advertising and marketing campaigns. Each campaign. Every channel.

So make sure you are creating Amazon Attribution links for all your merchandise and adding them to each unmarried campaign you create.

If you’re using multiple advertising and marketing channel, marketing campaign tracking is an absolute must. Without it, you in reality have no idea what’s running, who’s coming from where, what to optimize, and what to scale back.

Analytics indicates conduct, even as attribution explores the effectiveness of the channels you’ve got inside the mix. It’s the precise pairing.

What is Amazon Attribution?
Amazon Attribution is a dimension and analytics device that allows advertisers to tune the performance of their off-platform advertising campaigns across various channels and gadgets, such as social media, engines like google, e-mail, and show commercials.

What is the gain of Amazon attribution?
The most important gain of using Amazon Attribution is that it allows you to music the overall performance of your advertising and marketing campaigns across more than one channels and gadgets, giving you a greater entire photograph of your ad overall performance. This, in flip, permits you to make greater informed choices about your ad spend, and optimize your campaigns for max ROI.

What are the primary use cases of Amazon attribution?
You can use Amazon Attribution to measure the effectiveness of your off-platform marketing campaigns, find the high-quality advertising channel for using Amazon sales, and optimize your present campaigns to force extra income.

Is Amazon Attribution free to apply?
Yes, Amazon Attribution is free to apply for Amazon advertisers. However, there can be additional costs associated with strolling your advertising campaigns on different systems.

Can I use Amazon Attribution with non-Amazon products?
No, Amazon Attribution is particularly designed to degree the performance of Amazon products and can not be used to tune the overall performance of non-Amazon products.

Amazon Attribution is the quality way to track how off-web site traffic plays on the Amazon platform. If you run outside advertising campaigns to your Amazon save and are extreme about optimizing your Amazon save, then Amazon Attribution is a ought to.

Not simplest are you able to optimize your marketing campaigns, however you can also growth conversions, too.

Creating Attribution tags is easy. Just observe my advice above or contact my group if you want an Amazon marketing organisation to do the work for you.

How many external advertising campaigns are you currently strolling on Amazon?

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