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The SEO Impact of a Poor Homepage Copy and Navigation Redesign


There are 1.11 billion websites presently on the internet. So how will you stand out amongst the crowd?

While there are lots of technical seo (search engine marketing) factors concerned in website visibility, one frequently ignored aspect is homepage reproduction and navigation. The replica which you gift to site visitors, as well as how you present it, can have a direct impact on seek engine consequences web page scores (SERPs).

In this post, I’ll highlight the ramifications of no longer following search engine marketing first-rate practices while remodeling homepage replica and navigation. I’ll overview an NP Digital consumer case take a look at that suggests why following the records is always an awesome concept.

Let’s soar in!


What Makes Poor Homepage Copy and Navigation?

When it comes to comparing the first-class of your homepage copy and navigation, there are three elements to take into account:

Search engine optimization. A homepage that has no longer been optimized for SEO will perform poorly on SERPs.

User enjoy. A homepage that doesn’t take person revel in into account (e.G. Intrusive popups, low-high-quality reproduction) will be afflicted by high go out quotes and occasional engagement.

Accessibility. A homepage that doesn’t follow Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) will make it hard for all users to navigate the website efficiently. This can immediately affect consumer enjoy while additionally impacting SEO.

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Poor homepage copy and navigation is whatever that misses out on one or extra of the above three factors.

How NPD Helped a Client with Their Poor Homepage Copy

NP Digital is my digital marketing organization. My team and I work with clients worldwide to assist them find their full capability and accelerate their boom.

As part of our work, NP Digital consults with corporations after they need to make huge modifications to their approach.

One of our customers lately launched into this type of change.

Our purchaser informed our team that they had been approximately to embark on a homepage copy and navigation redesign. They informed us that this change would take place in early February of 2023, and they requested us to do an evaluation to determine the prospective effect of the homepage redesign.

We supplied data to support that their homepage key-word rankings had been moving in the proper course and that they needed to proceed with warning and a strong search engine optimization strategy. However, our client forged in advance and finished the homepage replica and navigation changes in February.

We leveraged Google Search Console and Semrush to investigate the lead as much as the homepage redecorate and what happened afterwards. Our findings display the effect of no longer following SEO great practices while redesigning homepage replica and navigation so that you can examine from our patron’s errors.

How NPD Explained the Homepage Redesign Impact

We looked at pre-redesign and publish-redesign metrics to determine what effect, if any, our customer’s homepage redesign had on SEO and consumer engagement.

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Prior to the redesign, our aim became to decide whether the modern-day homepage ratings had been trending inside the right course. From August 2022 to January 2023, the range of homepage keywords in function one via three on SERPs elevated from 154 to 205. The general number of ranking keywords in positions one via 20 expanded from 685 to 880.

Graph displaying homepage rankings boom pre-remodel.

Of route, we recognise that ratings translate to clicks and impressions. So how was the consumer appearing prior to the redesign?

These are the Google Search Console consequences for non-branded queries for clicks from August 2022 via January 2023:

Chart showing non-branded clicks pre-redesign.

You can see that popping out of August, our customer was in a seasonal lull. However, clicks began to regularly growth inside the month of January.

This is what we’d expect to look considering the marked boom in keywords inside the pinnacle 3 positions from August 2022 via January 2023.


We see a comparable, but even greater outstanding boom, when looking at impressions of those identical non-branded queries from August 2022 thru January 2023:

Non-branded impressions pre-remodel.

Do you note a sample right here?

The greatest benefit we see in clicks and impressions happens among December and January. Why? Well, while you appearance returned to the keyword rankings from Semrush, you’ll notice that 30+ additional key phrases moved into the top three positions among December and January alone.

Graph homepage rankings boom pre-remodel.

This reasons a pleasing spike in impressions in the direction of the quit of January.


So what turned into our recommendation to our patron?


NP Digital stated that our client’s key phrases within the top 10 positions have been increasing month over month and trending in a nice direction. We encouraged a gradual and constant exchange to the homepage, if adjustments had to be carried out in any respect.

Due to stress from stakeholders, but, the patron went beforehand with the homepage redecorate which covered modifications to copy and metadata (e.G. Name tag, meta description, and headers).


So what passed off after the purchaser rolled out those sudden updates to the homepage?


Unfortunately, our patron suffered losses in key-word ratings and, as a direct end result, noticed a decrease in traffic.

The homepage redecorate released on February second. As a end result, our purchaser saw a drastic decline in each branded and non-branded phrases in addition to usual clicks.

Our patron ended January 2023 on a high, with 205 keywords ranking in positions one via 3 and 298 keywords ranking in positions 4 thru 10. This dropped to 187 key phrases ranking within the pinnacle three positions in February and 159 keywords rating in the pinnacle 3 positions in March. April and May accompanied suit.

Chart displaying homepage suffered losses publish-remodel.

The loss in keyword ratings nearly immediately translates to a loss in clicks and visitors.

There is a huge drop in clicks stated on February 3rd (the day after the remodel):

Chart displaying homepage clicks drop publish-redesign.

While there are a few great peaks in February and beyond, the ones peaks are lower than the peaks pre-February. The dips also are substantially decrease than pre-remodel with some even achieving near 0 (e.G. The dip seen among March nineteenth and March thirtieth).


Once once more, you may see the drop in clicks from January to February and the following months.

Impressions noticed a whole lot the same as clicks, with much less peaks and greater large dips mentioned post-remodel:

This is a direct result of key-word ratings lowering and being deprioritized (decrease down) within the SERPs.


All these metrics have been appreciably impacted by converting the copy at the homepage and the metadata. By no longer keeping a focal point at the key phrases that drove cost to the homepage, there was a drastic traffic loss that persisted into June.

Tips to Improve Your Homepage Copy and Navigation

If the case look at above has taught us some thing, it’s that unexpected and poorly researched homepage redesigns may be adverse to your website’s performance.

If you have got strong homepage copy that is performing, then changes ought to be minimal and most effective carried out for stable analytical motives.

What if your homepage reproduction isn’t appearing, although?

Then it’s time to enhance your homepage reproduction and navigation, the proper way. Here’s how.

Know Which Keywords to Target

As the information above has shown, a homepage remodel could have a widespread effect on your key-word scores on SERPs. That’s because an amazing homepage will goal multiple applicable keywords.

How can you know which key phrases are applicable?

The handiest way to make certain that you’re targeting the right keywords is with key-word research.


Let’s say you already have some key phrases that your internet site ranks especially for. If you desired to expand your reach on SERPs, you would possibly use Ubersuggest that will help you provide you with new key-word thoughts:

Ubersuggest key-word ideas.

Maybe you don’t presently rank exceptionally for any keywords, but you’re in an enterprise with severa competition. You can input their area into Keywords through Traffic to peer what key phrases they rank for and alter your key-word targeting accurately:

Ubersuggest key phrases by visitors.

Once you have got a list of keywords, you need to include them obviously into your replica. Remember that keyword stuffing is no longer a valid manner to rank as Google specializes in relevancy and quality in place of keyword instances.

Keep Reading Level in Mind

The homepage of your internet site is the get right of entry to point in your internet site’s visitors. You want it to be smooth to study and even easier to digest.

One way to obtain that is to hold analyzing degree at approximately a sixth-grade level .

This guarantees the finest variety of site visitors can apprehend your homepage replica.

Now you will be asking, how can I recognise if I’m writing at a sixth-grade stage?


Fortunately, there are equipment like Hemingway Editor which could help.

Just check the authentic text on this segment:

Hemingway app instance.

You’ll observe that one sentence is highlighted in yellow. This indicates that it’s hard to study. While the text above became graded at the 6th-grade level, I tweaked it to rephrase the tough-to-examine sentence:

Hemingway app example.

Now it’s at a 5th-grade level that’s even higher!

The purpose here is to make sure that the majority of folks who get entry to your website—and virtually your homepage—can recognize and have interaction with the content material.

Implement a Logical Heading Structure

Headings are an crucial a part of any webpage. They are beneficial for each humans and seek engine move slowly bots because of this it’s vital which you get them right.

The most logical heading shape is one that starts with H1 and goes all of the way down to H6. There should be simply one H1 for each web site (consisting of the homepage) and it should be used for the page identify. The relaxation of the headings can be used as lots or as little as necessary.

However, you do want to make sure you’re the usage of them efficaciously to avoid confusion.

This means that the primary sections of your homepage or web site have to have an H2. If you need to make a further factor that relates to the H2, you may use an H3 and so forth.

A common mistake that I see is text styled to seem like a heading (e.G. Bolded, enlarged font) but it’s not well categorized as one. The trouble here is that you will be capable of idiot readers, but you could’t fool move slowly bots. This could have a negative impact to your rankings.

So use a steady and logical heading shape for your website and make sure that your headers are correctly classified as such in your internet site.

Frequently Asked Questions

How to write down homepage reproduction?

There are 3 important elements to maintain in mind when writing website reproduction of any kind. The first is to include relevant key phrases into your content so you can rank for the time period on search engines like google and yahoo. The 2d is to preserve your writing easy. You need to target a sixth-grade stage of writing or under. The 0.33 is to apply a steady and meaningful shape. This means the usage of heading tags correctly and breaking apart text into digestible paragraphs.

Is right homepage content crucial for search engine marketing?

The answer is yes, precise homepage content material is essential for SEO. The first purpose for that is consumer experience. The longer that traffic live to your internet site, the greater cost search engines like google will characteristic to it. The 2d motive is because right content material can be easily crawled by means of seek engine crawl bots. That’s because it follows a logical structure and uses centered key phrases without overstuffing.


Whether you’re developing a new website, imposing a homepage redecorate, or acting a whole website redecorate, it’s vital to do not forget how your homepage reproduction and navigation can impact search engine optimization.

Poor homepage replica can pressure away traffic and fail to rank on engines like google. It also can violate accessibility tips. Always make sure to optimize your website reproduction through writing with SEO in thoughts.

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